7 Amazing Tools for Finding Trending Content Ideas

It seems more difficult to find out a topic for writing content than writing process itself. Many bloggers are just writing on a regular basis while their content doesn’t provide needed results. Why? Because just the number of words can’t provide a result. Of course, google uses word count as a SEO metric, but it’s not the only point that you should consider. Before creating a content you should pay attention to several factors:

What is your topic about?



Which industry is your target?
What kind of information provides your content?

Does your content educational?

Will it solve the problems which your readers have faced?

Is that solution explained with all details?
Does your content contain new information?

There are many other factors that you should consider as well. However, first, you need to find out topic. Here are the several ways that will help you to generate a content idea.

1. Twitter Search

Twitter search is the great tool for finding topics to cover. As you know all bloggers and top brands share their content on twitter because it affects on Search engine rankings more than other social networks. Twitter Search is a great tool for finding the latest news of the industry. You can use hashtags to find the specific topic too.  Look at titles which were used most of the users. Also, pay attention to engagement rates based on topic. Most important is that your provided content shouldn’t be out of date. it means that you should write about latest updates and solutions in your industry. If you are covering topics about  SEO  then you should write about latest google algorithm updates and about changes which happen during the last several months, weeks even days.

2. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is a great tool which helps you to find most trending contents on the internet. When you type a keyword,  it gives you all most popular posts which have the highest volume of shares on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and Pinterest.  Here also it will be better if consider to dates of the posts. You may see a post with the 1000+ shares but it contains an information which is out of date and should be updated because it’s not helpful anymore.

3. Google Trends

Google trends will provide you information about the keywords which have the highest volume of search during the last period. You can filter it out by country and see which terms people use in your country to find the needed information about your industry.

4. Keyword Planner

By the same method, you can use keyword planner. However, in this case, you will rely on predictions only. Keyword planner will provide you information about the competitiveness of that specific keyword.

5. Quora

During the last years, Quora has become a very popular platform. Here people ask questions by targeting needed industry and topic and experts or people who are connected with that industry answer to those questions.

You may think how can you use Quora for finding topics? Well, it’s very easy. Find the topics of your industry and read the latest questions that people wrote there. If you are an expert and know the answer to that question, then write a content which will answer to the question of that person. Try to write a detailed explanation of the problem. Add images and step by step guide them to the final solution. After publishing your content you can share it on quora.

6. Portent

A simple tool where you need just do one step. You should write only a keyword and this amazing tool generates different topics which you can cover on your blog.

7. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Another great tool was Hubspot topic generator. Hubspot is one of the most popular companies in the inbound marketing area.  Which means that their tool will work perfectly. They use algorithms which help to provide high-quality results.

The only thing that you need to do is writing 3 nouns. After that Topic generator will generate content ideas and will show you wich titles to use.


Tools mentioned above will provide all needed information for choosing a topic. However, you should know that haveing only trending title isn’t enough. Your content should give a value to the reader. People must find all needed information from your content. Be sure after finding all needed information they will come back to your site.As they know your content is helpful and they can trust you.Read also how to write content which converts more leads.