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6 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page For SEO

As you know Linkedin is the largest professional social network in the world. This social network will suit for B2B (business to business) marketing. You need to have your individual account as well ass company page which you founded. Perhaps you haven’t known an entrepreneur who set up a company page on the LinkedIn but it doesn’t mean that you should the same thing. Be the first in your area who will do that. If you already signed up for company page on LinkedIn then here are 6 ways to optimize your LinkedIn company page for SEO.



1. Be Consistent.

When you create your company page on LinkedIn make sure that it’s consistent with all of your social networks and website. This will keep your brand consistent. Write a company description very carefully. Describe what your company offers in a way that is consistent with your positioning across all social networks.
Make sure that data is accurate and it doesn’t contain old information about your company. If you have a new email address or phone number, make sure that information has been changed. As you know that you will use LinkedIn for B2B marketing that means you can lose contracts because of an old phone number or email address of the company.

2. Post Status Updates regularly.

Share a relevant content about your industry about your company regularly It will help you to get more traffic to your site. Ask a question to your audience for starting a communication with them.
You can also create your own content to engage your target audience. For this strategy, you can use SlideShare to make something worth for your audience.

3. Adjust profile image and Banners.

Don’t forget to add a banner image for your company page. you can create hyper-linked banners featuring calls to action. Also, it gives a great look to your business page. You should use your brand logo as a profile image.
• The banner image should be 646×220 pixels.
• The most important information should be placed at the top of the image. Don’t use the same image that you have used on facebook or twitter. Keep it different.
• Profile image should be 300×300

4. Add Videos.

It’s been estimated that as many as 60 percent of the Top 100 brands on LinkedIn now regularly post videos linked to their YouTube channel.
You can easily add videos from your YouTube account (or anyone’s) by simply going over to “Add your YouTube video …” and then copying/pasting the YouTube video link. As you know videos reach more results than long articles. You can make a video about your product and post it on the LinkedIn.

5. Link to a Landing Page.

Most people add the link to their company’s sit’s homepage. However, there is another great solution for you. By linking to a landing page you are creating a lead generation opportunity that can increase your chances of driving leads and customers.

6. Encourage Involvement from Employees.

Your employees should be the first ones who are engaged with your company page. They should be active on your company page. If they love the company where they work and enjoy with their jobThen let them share that excitement with others. After all, your employees should be some of your biggest advocates.
Encourage your employees to share and like company posts. This can help establish a community within your company and signals to others that your company is doing something right.

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