8 simple tips to optimize your twitter account for SEO

8 Simple Tips To Optimize Your Twitter Account For SEO

If you aren’t following to all things that are happening in the digital world then you may not have heard that on the 4th of February in 2015 Twitter made an agreement with Google to make its 140-character tweets more searchable online. On May 19 Google was officially given full access to Twitter’s full stream of tweets, that was commonly called “Firehose”. The main idea of the agreement was to convert people who are not logged into Twitter more effectively.

As you notice most valuable tweets are now findable on Google. Twitter has a huge affect on SEO.
These simple tricks will increase the chance of your account showing up in the Google & Twitter Search.

1. Choose a good username.

Be sure to choose an optimal username which is relevant to your brand and easy to remember. It’s also a part of Twitter URL. It is very important for search indexing, which also helps usability for other channel promotions.

2. Select an account name correctly.

Your name is what appears next to your profile. It can be different than your username. You definitely want an account name that promotes yourself, your company or your brand. Also, consider which variation of your brand name has the most search frequency every month.

3. Make your bio count.

Optimize your Twitter page’s “Bio” line. It is one of the most important fields for optimizing your account. Use 160 character limit very carefully. Use every single character to describe what you do and how you help people to solve their problems. Keep it relevant to your brand. Twitter bio is indexed regularly.

4. Use the right keywords.

Try to include similar keywords which you use on your website. Don’t forget about hashtags. Hashtags play the role of keywords on the Twitter; they improve your account searchability and help people find your content. Instead of most essential keywords put hashtags. Through them, each tweet will appear on the Twitter search for a specific topic and on the Twitter’s Trends Feed. However, it doesn’t mean that you should overuse hashtags. It may look spammy and discourage your potential followers. Use no more than 3 hashtags for a single tweet.
Analyze which hashtags bring you the most engagement like clicks retweets, likes. Then, optimize your profile by focusing on on that ones. Use Twitter analytics and find out what works best for your business.

5. Adjust Your Profile Photo.

Before you upload any picture, customize the filename and write relevant keyword or keywords separated by dashes to make them readable for search engines. It will help for SEO. It will be better if you upload 200×200 picture for your profile.

6. Link to your website.

Include a link to your official website. As you know it is a strong call to action. Consider which page is the most important for you and where you want to send your followers. However, it is recommended to us the link to the main page of your website. Make sure that your website links back to your Twitter account. It will have some effect on SEO.

7. Pay attention to the power of retweets.

Retweets are the most effective method for getting more engagement. Ask for retweets and don’t care google won’t penalize your page for using this call to action within your updates.F eel free to ask people for sharing.

8. Include social account on the search engine.

point out your social profiles, like Twitter or Facebook, to Google and add a markup code to your website. Learn more about this future on Google Developers site.

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