Software Development

UI/UX Design

UI and UX design are one of the most important steps for every successful web or mobile application. Our designers follow the latest standards of the industry it provide the best solution that will inspire even the worst user.


Our both teams of front-end and back-end developers work together to bring the next amazing software live that will solve new problems for potential customers and will be a game changer.


Our both teams of front-end and back-end developers work together to bring the next amazing software live that will solve new problems for potential customers and will be a game changer.

Our Working Stages


Consulting And Analyzing

Firstly we discuss with you the business plan that you have and want to create the product based on it. Then our consultants will create a complete model that later can be used by our developers for making  things happen. 



Based on your personal requirements our designers will design your frontend by creating mockups, that can be reviewed and improved step by step. These mockups will be used as visual templates for the frontend developers.



By using the latest continuous deployment strategies, we provide early-stage beta access  and  you can monitor the progress step by step and give us the right feedback on time and tell us about changes and fixes that you would like to see.



It’s impossible develop a project without testing. Our developers write unit and integration tests for testing every single functionality for avoiding bugs in that can be visible later.


Performance and Security Check

We test loading speed and also try to find vulnerabilities to make sure that software is completely secure and has the best performance for providing the best user experience.


Final Deployment & Training Seasons

One product is ready we will deploy it and our consultants will provide you training seasons where you will learn how to use your product.

Our Focus


Our Developers are ready to implement any desired functionality with the latest and the best standards of the industry. Each function each piece of the project is getting tested for avoiding technical issues. Also flexible product makes it easier and faster to integrate new features later.

User Friendliness

Many companies are failing because can't provide user friendly digital product. Developing user firendly user interfaces that fit on all screen resolutions and behaves perfectly on all browsers is one of the main cosiderations.


Many startups lose lots of customers just because their web applications load very slowly. We pay attention to every single point that affects on performance and solve any performance issue that we see to provide web app that loads fast and will keep all your potential customers in house.


Having a secure web and mobile apps are essential part of every successful business. We take care for security for all parts of the web and mobile application including back-end, front-end and mobile app development as well as managment of cloud.

Technologies & Tools


Reactjs, Angular 2+, Vue.js, TypeScript, Vanilla JS, HTML5 CSS3, SASS, LESS, Webpack...

Back-End / DevOps

Node.js , Express, Mongo DB, MySQL, PHP, Ruby On Rails, Docker, Firbase, NGINX, Django, ASP.Net Core...

Mobile App Development

React Native, Ionic 3/4/5, Native Script

code editors

Satisfied Customers

I moved my company to the next level by getting online management system that allowed me to automate almost all things that I did earlier on paper. like an old school guy.

Eva Brown

SUAF's professional team help me to make my SAAS web app real and I am really satisfied with their work.

Steven Thompson

I can't believe that I got my online store installed so fast and even made a couple of sales in the first week after the launching it 😀 Thanks a lot to SUAF LLC's team who installed my online shop for me!

Marius Risberg Syversen

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