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The Best Online Store Builders

We are living in the digital world now. As you notice the number of online stores raised during the last several years. Selling products online is the great way to expand your business and make a profit. Even top stores have run E-commerce sites where they sell their products. You may think why do you need online store when your business is a local store based in Los Angeles or anywhere else which sells t- shirts. Well, In this case, you should consider those points.



1) Your store will become more popular through the online store.
2) You will get a customer who lives in the same area but doesn’t hear about your store.
3) Note People are lazy if they need to buy something they try to do it without going out from the home.
4) The most important point is that you can expand your business. You can deliver your products to other cities, then other countries.
Fortunately, there are many companies that help people to deliver their products to other places. Your friends may tell you that you don’t need it because it is risky and costs money. You don’t have knowledge of developing an online store. Also, you know that website development services are quite expensive especially e-commerce site development. Also, it will be difficult to choose which programming language to use for that store. However, you don’t need to worry about those type of things. There are great tools that will solve all your problems and you can run an online store easily. Here are the best tools that you can use to run your e-commerce site.

1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the best and popular online store builders. It has more than
300 000 customers. There are more than 100 professionally designed templates. You can use one of those templates to make your website look trending and stylish. Shopify provides 24/7 support. This platform has App Store, where you can find a variety of tools which you can install on your online store when it was already launched.
In their app store, you can find free as well as paid apps. However, you should not ignore them because of their fees. Most of them will not be expensive also will help you to automate your operations. You can automate inventory management, shipping, bookkeeping, marketing.
Shopify has different pricing plans. It’s starting from 29 $. You can use basic plan before spreading your business.

2. Wix

Wix is a drag and drop website builder, where you can insert any content like text, images and place them anywhere you want on your web pages.
It has more than 305 000 users.
Wix will not provide you advanced tools like Shopify provides. However, if you don’t need to run an advanced online store, then you can use Wix. You can set up and sell products with different variations of the same product like the same items with different colors and sizes. It will cost cheaper.Their subscription plan for e-commerce sites costs 16$. Unfortunately, Wix doesn’t provide 24/7 support.

3. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the strongest competitor of Shopify.
More than 95 000 stores were built by BigCommerce
BigCommerce provides more tools for your shop than Shopify. So if you can’t find needed futures in Shopify then you can try to find them in BigCommerce app store. Yes, it has it’s own app store as well.
Not only it has their own app store with more tools but also it provides a huge number of stylish templates which you can use to make your store more attractive. BigCommerce has more than 60 payment gateways integrated into its platform. It also provides 24/7 support. The pricing plans are starting from 29.95$.

4. Squarespace

As you noticed Shopify and BigCommerce are for building advanced stores. If you don’t need advanced features for your site and want to have a just simple store then you can use Squarespace.
They have quite good set of tools which will help you to sell your products online.
Subscription plans start from 12$.

5. Volusion

Volusion offers its own solution which can meet your needs. They provide a huge range of free and premium themes which you can customize and use. If it will be difficult for you to customize it or you may want to get newly designed template for your store then Volusion’s team can help you to make it happen. You can try 14-day trial to make a decision. Like many online stores owners, you may face difficulties connected with marketing. Volusion offers a variety of services like web design, SEO, PPC, Social Media and provides business tools. If you have any question Its 24/7 support team will help you.


You can find hundreds of online store builders on the internet. To make the best choice you need ask yourself several questions:
What kind of store do you need?
Should your e-commerce site be an advanced?
Who is your target audience?
Which factors affect on your target audience behavior?
Do you want to expand your online store during some period?
Also, most shop builders offer a free trial for 7 or 14 days. Don’t miss this opportunity to try their product. It will help you to make a decision and choose the best solution that meets your needs.