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The Best jQuery Filterable Portfolio Plugins For Agencies And Freelancers

These days having a portfolio is essential for every agency and even every individual designer and developer. If you are a founder of the agency which provides designing services then you should know that for getting more customers you should have a portfolio and show them your previous jobs.  In the same situation are individual designers and developers who either work as a freelancer or want to find a job opportunity. During the interview, they need to show their previous work too. So how to create an attractive portfolio which will grab an attention of the potential client and
employer. One of the most popular types of portfolios are those ones which have filters. Though the filters, you can choose portfolio items by the selected category.



It looks like more professional. In this article, you will learn about the best filterable portfolio plugins built with jquery.

Here are the best ones:

1. Isotope – Filter & sort magical layouts Jquery Plugin

One of the most popular plugins is Isotope. It is easy to modify and integrate into any custom project.  You can filter, sort your portfolio items with animation. Every time when you click filtering buttons or links it will filter it by an animation which is awesome.  Most important is that this plugin is opensource and free to use for personal projects. While if you need to integrate it into commercial projects then you need to buy a commercial license. The price of commercial license ranges from  $25-$320

Read also this tutorial how to create portfolio with this plugin.

2. MixItUp

Another great plugin to use in your projects. It has beautiful & unique filtering animation with smoothness. Like Isotope this plugin has its commercial license which you should buy before using it for commercial purposes.  The price of commercial license ranges from $20-$300.

3. Shuffle – Jquery free Responsive Filtering And Sorting Plugins

Shuffle is an amazing free filter jquery plugin which is inspired by the most popular filter plugins like Isotope. You can filter and sort your portfolio items by this plugin. The best option of this plugin is its license. It doesn’t have a commercial license. You can use it for your commercial projects freely. This one is my choice for my projects.

4. Filterizr

Like Shuffle this one is also under the MIT license and you don’t need to buy a commercial license for using it in commercial projects. The only problem is that their support doesn’t work. You may ask a question and don’t get any answer during the several weeks. So it means you need to solve your problems by yourself.


There are a huge number of plugins. Before making your choice you should figure out your next steps. You should know how are you going to use a plugin. If you are going to use it in free projects as well as in commercial projects and don’t want to buy a commercial license I will recommend to choose  Shuffle. It’s better to choose one and use it on all type of projects than to choose 2 ones and use separately for personal and commercial projects. By doing that you will waste your time only.