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Top 7 Code Editors for Programmers

It’s not a secret that lots of things changed in the technology industry during the last several years.
New tech fields have opened their doors for developers like artificial intelligence, smart devices. Many programming languages have been introduced. The tech industry demands more and more professional developers each year. As you know being a professional developer isn’t easy. If you are a developer then you should know that writing clear code without mistakes is essential. So for getting high-quality code written, you should use the right code editor that fits your needs. Here are the best code editors from which you can make your choice.


1. Subline text

It’s comfortable tool to use. With its black background it makes easy to read and find needed part of your code. It also helps developers to code with great speed and efficiency.
I am currently using the subline text I can say that it has all needed features which every developer needs to write clean code without doing any mistake.
Here are some of the popular features of subline text.

  • Cross-platform support
  • Instant file switching
  • Fully customizable
  • Plugin support
  • Multi line select and editing

2. Atom

Atom may seem similar to Subline text. It’s got a simple interface which attracts more developers to start their coding journey with this editor.

  • Simple interface – easy to navigate
  • Special developer tools
  • Package manager plugin support
  • Supports command palette
  • Fuzzy file finder

3. Notepad ++

Most computers have a notepad, while notepad ++ is the advanced version of notepad and has a variety of features compared with notepad.
It supports most programming languages. Also, it is well known as the best HTML editor. If you are making mistakes regularly then this one will be a great choice for you, because you can find your mistake instantly with this editor.

  • Auto- completion
  • Multiview
  • Syntax highlighting and syntax folding
  • Supports plugins
  • Add bookmarks
  • Drag and drop feature

4. IntelliJ idea

IntelliJ Idea understands your code and provides you a set of tools. Also, it makes suggestions when you need them. I ‘ve noticed that it’s the choice of Java developers. However, it is important to know that it supports many other programming languages as well.

  • Advanced code editing
  • Teamwork facilitation
  • Code quality features
  • Frameworks

5. Coda

Coda was designed for only mac users. It added new features during the years. It includes all essential features that you will need to speed up your work and write high-quality code.

  • Leopard GUI
  • Auto code completion
  • Drag and drop
  • Blog editing
  • Terminal window support

6. J Edit

This code editor is for experienced programmers. It is open source platform. Jedit developers developed this editor by Java programming language. As you know Java is one of the most secure programming languages.

  • plugin manager feature
  • Auto indent and syntax highlighting
  • Multiple instances can be run at the same time
  • spell checker

7. Textmate

Like Coda you can use Textmate only on Mac. It supports all modern programming languages.

  • Auto-Indent
  • Auto-Pairing of Brackets and Other Characters
  • Search and Replace
  • Clipboard History
  • Auto-completion
  • Column Selections and Column Typing
  • Syntax Highlight and coloring


There are hundreds of code editors and it impossible to write about all of them. Before choosing code editor you should know what features you need and which programming languages are you going to use. Also, it will be better if you know your weaknesses like making grammar mistakes, forgetting to type brackets. Also, it may difficult to find a needed block from whole code. Figure out all those factors first and then make your choice. Note in this article you can’t find all features of mentioned code editors because it is impossible to cover all features. Here you will find out the most important features.