The Best Social Media Tools That You Should Use

It looks impossible to making a marketing plan without social media. Social networks become the essential part of marketing. Social networks are crowded with small and big unicorns who are trying to reach more and more people through those channels. No matter you use social media for personal branding, for your business or for managing accounts for other business.

Here are the best social media tools that will help you in your marketing journey.  Some of them have free plans.


1. Buffer

It’s not a secret that smart marketers usually choose the right time for publishing content on social networks. Interestingly each social networks is unique and you should have a unique approach for each of them.  Through Buffer, you can schedule your posts for twitter, facebook, Pinterest,LinkedIn, Instagram and google plus accounts from the same interface. It helps you econom your time. They also offer other tool called Pablo, where you can choose and edit images and then download for using in your accounts.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the largest company which provides social media management. tools. There are more than 10 million professionals who use this tool. Hootsuite also has courses for digital marketers.

3. Canva

It’s obvious that visual content has higher engagement rate than just text. Canva is the great tool that will help you to make attractive visual content. Through this platform, you can make visual content which can generate more leads for your business. This platform provides a huge number of templates that easy to edit and download. Some of those templates are paid. However, don’t worry about fees ad they will cost you just  1 or 2$. If you are sure that the premium template will help you to generate sales then you should pay for that one.

 4. Brand24 

This tool helps you to find your brand mentions on social networks. You can find out what people are talking about your brand and join the conversation in the real time. If someone has a problem with your product or service and write about it on social networks then through this tool you can find out and try to solve the problem very fast until more people will notice that. Not only you can improve your brand rates but also will solve your customer’s problem fast. It can change your customer’s behavior as well.  More than 30 000 brands use this tool.

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the complete social media management tool for social media agencies. Why? Because you can manage multiple twitter and facebook accounts.