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Why Choose SkillShare

You may think there are many alternative websites where you can learn new courses so why this one is better? Why should you choose it instead of other ones? Here we will discuss the main benefits and the main differences with the other educational platforms. 

let's look The benefits

I am sure it’s eye-catching and you will definitely love those points mentioned in the bellow. 


Instant Access To 21 000+ Courses

You will instantly access so many courses from huge collections and topics. 


2 Months Free

You will get 2 Months Free access to all courses and without any limits.


Courses Were made By The Top Experts In the industry

It’s very important who is the teacher and what kind of experience he/she has in that industry. 

Course Topics For Programmers

You will find courses for all topics and programming languages. You will also find courses for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Web Development

You will find a huge collection of video tutorials about Front End development as well as Back End development. Just type your desired programming language that you want to learn. You will find the most popular and trending frameworks, the latest updates and so on.

Mobile Development

Are you a beginner mobile app developer or just want to start? There are a variety of courses made by experts to help you become an Ios or Android developer.

Data Science

These days there is a huge demand for Data science, deep learning. So why not to start learning it?


As a Web-Development Agency, we hire interns a lot. And the most of them ask us about recommendations on where to learn some additional topics and new programming languages? We recommended them Udemy in the past while one day one of our interns told us that he found exactly the same course that he bought from Udemy on SkillShare. We started exploring ShillShare and saw that it’s better solution since you get instant access to all courses instead of just buying a single course from other places.  Now we recommend everyone using this great website. 

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