write content that converts

How To Write Content That Converts


As you know Content marketing is the most important part of your marketing strategy. Without content, it seems impossible to get higher ranking in the search engines. Of course writing new content regularly is great, but what if none of those contents convert leads. What if you can’t make sales? Be sure Just writing content regularly isn’t enough. It is better to have a few contents which provides value and converts readers into customers while having lots of content which provides nothing valuable.
Here are simple steps that will improve your content marketing and write content that will convert leads.


1. Know your audience.

It is important to know your audience and offer them the solution of their problems. Offer them what they need. Most businesses are successful because they meet the needs of their audience. There are some factors that you should pay attention to know more about your audience.
• Demographics
• What kind of sites they visit
• What do they need
• Which words and phrases they type to find needed information
Fortunately, there are lots of communities where you can find questions that people ask about our industry and know about the problems that they are faced. Give the answers to those questions through your content.

2. Share your knowledge.

As an expert share, your knowledge also share with them the results of your experiments. What have you found out through this test or survey? Write about facts and stats as well. People like seeing proven results and learning new things which can help them to go ahead from making new mistakes. Write about new approaches and solutions. If you write something that they have already red then you may not get needed results.

3. Write attractive headline

The first thing that people see before clicking on the link to read your article is a headline. So write a headline that is descriptive and tells them what is this content about? Note if you just write an attractive headline which offers your audience the solution of their problems, but your content is not really valuable and irrelevant then you should know in this case you will get more clicks but with a high bounce rate. More than that most of your readers will not come back anymore even if you change your strategy and give the real value. So keeping the headline relevant is essential.

4. Communicate with your audience.

You may notice that most popular blogs have comments section which is located in the bellow of every single content. Some people from your audience may have questions about your content and the comments section is the great place to let them write their questions and opinions. Don’t ignore those messages. It’s the biggest mistake of bloggers who don’t pay attention to those messages. Be the active answer to their questions tell them what you think about their comment. If someone’s opinion is wrong about the topic then try to show them the solution and help them to understand the main point.


Concentrate on quality, not quantity. Don’t just write about your products and try to sell them. Remember there are millions of sites like you that provide the same product. Ask this question yourself: Why they need to buy from you?  For converting more leads and making sales you need to offer something valuable and solve the problems of your audience. Help them to overcome the hardship and get what they needed through your content. Your main goal should be helping them not just selling your product. If you are a beginner then you can read this article as well, to learn about starting a successful blog.