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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

As you know people like watching video content more than just reading a long text. Youtube is the great source to promote your business with video content. You should have a youtube channel where you can produce videos about your brand and your industry. Note youtube is owned by google, that means it has a huge effect on SEO. Don’t know where to start and how to promote your youtube channel? Here are top ways to promote your youtube channel get more views and subscribers.


1. Create great titles.

The first thing that people see and decide to watch or not that video is the title of the video. Your title should be Short, descro[tive and include keywords.
If your video’s title is so long that the doesn’t include an accurate description, then your viewer isn’t going to take the time to click on it. To increase discoverability, don’t forget to include relevant keywords that best relate to your content and your target audience.

2. Optimize your channel.

Complete all the fields of your account and make it clear for users to understand what is your channel about and what they can find there.
Connect other social network accounts like facebook, instagramInstagram. Add a logo of your brand. Don’t forget about the background as well.

3. Create quality contents.

Creating quality content will make your YouTube channel more successful. You must create content that people will watch. Try to be unique among other YouTubers in your niche. Why should people watch your videos? Do things that other YouTubers cannot do. Creating quality contents is extremely important.

4. Use the best SEO practices for your videos.

For making your channel and videos discoverable you should optimize your videos for SEO. YouTube is the second largest online search engine, and SEO will help your videos reach the most people possible through search. As it was mentioned above youtube is owned by google that affect’s a lot on SEO. Metrics like title tag, Keywords in the description, tags video length, the number of subscribers, likes, dislikes and number of comments will affect your video ranking.
It is recommended to
• Write long video descriptions
•  Add video keywords
• Get more video views from online communities
• Encourage subscribing and linking
• Create keyword-rich playlists
• Remind your subscribers to share your videos
• It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have, you should encourage them to share your videos. If you create high-quality content then users are more likely to share it with their audience.

5. Stay active in the community.

Find like-minded individuals who are active in your industry’s YouTube community and subscribe to their channels. Take the time to watch videos that interest you, and write a comment. like the videos that you find value in, and. Share any videos that you think you followers on the other social channels will find interesting.

6. Collaborate with other YouTubers.

Collaborating with other YouTubers in your niche can help you to grow your channel. Subscribers who have an interest in the type of videos you make will subscribe to your channel. Become friends with other vlogers who has established youtube channel. so that it will be easy to collaborate with them. Do not just try to use them for promotion. Try to create real friendships. It is good to have friends who share the similar interest as you. You can create guest videos and exchange mentions as well.

7. Interact with your audience.

Be active in the comments section. If users ask a question or write any comment about your video then you should definitely reply them as fast as possible. It will increase engagement with your channel. Also, you can create Q&A video where you answer top questions of your audience. Using a call-to-action video or other social channels, ask your audience to pose their questions, and then create a video addressing them. This strategy offers you the opportunity to create dynamic new content and lets your audience feel involved in your channel.

8. Include calls-to-action.

After producing every single video don’t forget about the call to action. It’s one of the best ways to promote your channel.You can use your call-to-action to encourage anything like asking users to share your videos to having them ask questions or subscribing to the channel and like that video.

• Ask a question.
• Enter to win (when running  giveaway)
• Free trial (if your business is subscription based)
• Sign up for a webinar
• Fill out a form
• Watch another video
Giving your viewers clear guidance as to how they can further interact with your content is a great way to promote your YouTube channel.

9. Create playlists.

YouTube playlists are a great way to help your users find and share your videos easily. Playlists keep users longer on your channel and watch more relevant videos. So don’t miss the opportunity to keep them in your channel longer.

10. Promote your YouTube channel on different networks.

Make sure you include a link to your YouTube channel on your other social channels, your website, your email signature, and your blog . Share your videos and other relevant YouTube content on your social media accounts for extending your youtube audience through them.