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How To Drive More Organic Traffic To Your Site

As you notice the internet was crowded with articles about SEO. Most interesting point is that you find different information about the same topic. If in the first article you read don’t do this then on the other article you read do that. It may confuse and you don’t know which article to read and who’s advice to choose. If you don’t know what to do in this situation then ou can just test those solutions and find the best one that fits your needs and gives the result.Of course, improving organic traffic can sometimes be challenging, but if you choose the right SEO strategy, then you will get needed result. So here are top ways to increase your organic traffic without ranking on the top 10 of google.



1. Monitor Brand Mentions.

The first step in the process is to find out when your brand is mentioned online.
There are different tools that allow you to find out brand mentions. You can use Mention which has a free version as well. Another great tool is BuzzSumo .

2. Do keywords research and create a keyword list.

Keywords research is a very important process for search engine optimization as it can tell you the exact phrases people are using to search on Google. Try to use long term keywords, because it will be easier to rank higher for those ones. Every time when you write a new blog post first do keyword research to identify trending keywords then use those keywords on your blog post. Learn more about doing keyword research here.

3. Optimize your metadata and content.

The first thing Google looks at a website is the meta data (title tags, meta description). If your metadata contains information about the user’s queries, your website has higher chances to rank higher.
These are some of the things to optimize for better organic traffic:

1) Optimize title tag, meta descriptions, and keywords.
2) Optimize images titles, ALT tag, and description.
3)  Add your most important keywords in the first paragraphs. Don’t try to put too many keywords, it will seem spam for google.

4. Create quality content on a regular basis.

It’s impossible to talk about SEO and don’t mention content creation. Without blogging, you can’t get needed results. It’s the key element of the good SEO. Create and write blog posts about your industry that is relevant to you products as well. Don’t make spam content. You don’t need just write about your products. Write about your industry, news and offer solutions to the problems of your readers and potential customers. Blog regularly.

5. Create a powerful internal linking system.

Use internal links to help readers to navigate other pages which are relevant to that topic that they have red. By linking to relevant posts you’ve written before you can build quality links and use the anchor text you prefer. will also keep your readers spend more time on your website.

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