5 Ways To Promote Your Local Business Online

5 Ways To Promote Your Local Business Online

It’s not a secret that social networks and search engines have a huge affect on local business promotion.
According to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online, That is why it is important to pay attention to digital marketing. Even when your target audience lives in the specific area.
Many entrepreneurs don’t even imagine how local SEO is important to market their business and they don’t involve their business in it at all. Local SEO is the first step that you should do to market your business online.
All the major search engines now let you list your business for free so that your geographic location and contact details appear when someone searches for your business/type of business and town or city. You should sign up for Google Places and Bing and Yahoo directories as well.
Paid search traffic can also have huge advantages. Your ads appear to people just in your town or county. It means you don’t pay for irrelevant clicks that your business doesn’t need.
If you have a website, then don’t forget to optimize it for local search. you can use the name of your town, city or region in the page description, page title and in the content of the page.
Here are most important steps to promote your local business online.

1. your website should be listed on most popular local business listing websites.

Sometimes people are looking for local business in different places like local business listing sites that are great tools to help potential clients find you in local search.
You should

1. Include your business name and logo.

2. Enter your local phone number.

3. Add your physical address, email, working hours.

Here are sites that your local business should be listed.

Google My Business
Yelp for Business Owners
Yellow Pages.
Yahoo Small Business
Bing for Business

During some period you will see the real power of business directories. If you want to check out your local rankings or rankings of your competitors and their backlinks, you can use some SEO tools and check new directories to get listed.

2. Don’t forget about social media.

Social networks are a great source for getting more awareness for your brand and get more customers through it. You can easily build up your online brand to be more popular. Make sure you sign up for Google +, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to market your local business. There are many social networks to get target audience in social media.

3. Advertising

Social networks and search engines give great tools for advertising your business locally. You can use google Adwords, facebook ads or twitter ads to target needed audience and getting real results.

4. Public relations

Getting your business mentioned on the local news website will help to build your profile within the local community.
If you’ve got a story that you think will be better to get covered, Then the best thing to do is get to know your local journalists. Participate in local events and charities to support the local area and raise your profile.

5. Get positive reviews.

Positive reviews are an important part of any local business. People love to read reviews before purchasing any product. Make sure you have good reviews on Yelp, Dex, Google Plus and other review sites. Add special review section on your website and ask customers to review your products that they bought.

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How To Get Ready To Launch Your Startup

How To Get Ready To Launch Your Startup

The startup culture is full of people who want to make their startup idea happen and grow it like a pro , but it’s not as easy as people think.
Building an audience before you even have a product is very important.
Like many other companies you can build an audience with prelaunch marketing.
Here are 4 steps how to start your pre-launch marketing journey for your startup.


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10 ways to improve your hiring process

10 ways to improve your hiring process

It’s not a secret that the success of your business depends on the quality of your employees and hiring process is one of the most important things for you, that you will do to grow your company. This is not a comprehensive guide to hiring, but these steps are important for an entrepreneur who needs to hire someone.

1. Be Clear About the Role

People usually search for jobs based on keywords or industries. Within the listing, write out the day-to-day tasks, how the role fits into the overall company goals and be sure to include key


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How to Run a Successful startup

How to Run a Successful startup

Starting a new business in this economy may be too difficult , but it’s not impossible. In the context of a startup, there are many attributes that every entrepreneur should demonstrate and enjoy if he or she wants to run a Successful startup . Here are Classic Principles of the Successful Startup.

1. Communicate a clear vision

This means a founder needs the ability to attract the right people to a team and motivate them. Team members must have all skills which need for achieving the goal of the company. The founder


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How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

If you want to get higher ranking for your website, but  don’t know where to start and what’s the first step then this guide is for you.
It’s all begins with words typed into a search box of search engines.
For promoting any single website you need to do a keyword research.
What is keyword research ?


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How To Start A Successful Blog

How To Start A Successful Blog

there are a huge number of bloggers on the internet these days. This point may confuse those people who want run new blog. As they can think that market is very crowded and competitive so they can’t increase traffic of their blog. If you think that you can’t run a successful  blog, then you are wrong. No matter how many blogs are on the internet. Important is that how many blogs are posting high-quality content? How many visitors they have that engage with their content?

Here are the steps to run a successful blog  to get a huge number of visitors who engage with your content.

1.Choose a domain name carefully

Your domain name is what you type into the address bar to go to a website.

  • figure out a topic for your blog.
  • find out domain names that that available.
  • Make a list of those available domain names.
  • Cut down names that are long or difficult to remember for people. Also, concetrate on a factor that it ends up with .com and contains a keyword that you are going to use for your blog. It should explain what about are you going to write on your blog.

Choose the best one and buy it.

2.Use WordPress for your blog.

Most successful blogs are using WordPress. Why? Because it is easy to promote WordPress blog , also it is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. Read this article why you should use WordPress for your blog. Also, you can see here top most popular websites that are using WordPress. So be sure that it will be the best solution for you. You should choose the right template for your blog that will fit to your needs. Themeforest is the largest theme market where you can find out needed theme and purchase it. Before purchasing  carefully read about futures of that theme. Make sure that it is SEO friendly.

Read about why you should use WordPress for your website

3.Do market research and define your target audience.

The best way to build an audience for your blog is to carefully  define its target audience before starting a blog, Then create content that is interesting to that audience.

The more narrowly you define your target audience, the easier it will be to identify those people, and give them valuable content that solves their problems.

You can define your target audience by

  • Age
  • Club memberships
  • Education
  • Geographic area
  • Hobbies
  • Income level
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Special interests

Carefully designing your online marketing efforts to appeal to your target audience will help set you apart from your competition and pique the interest of Internet users who are inherently interested in what online content you’re offering.

4.Find powerful topics to write about.

No matter if you write, podcast or create videos. Important is that  you want to do it around topics that are important not only to you but to your audience  too.

  • You should ask these questions before starting your journey,
  • Do readers and the people you met in real life ask you about? Answer common questions you get from the people you met online and in real life in your content. If a few people have asked you about the same thing then there are likely a whole lot more in your readership that would like to know the answer.
  • Share your solutions to the biggest problems or challenges you have faced. People are often quite similar. So if you can share what has helped you to overcome one of your biggest problems or challenges in life then there is a pretty big chance that it will resonate with a whole lot of other people too.

Shortly you should give something valuable.  You can use twitter search to see which topics are trends now and write about that.

5. Use Social Networks

As in most articles here, we also can’t forget about the power of social networks. Set up accounts on most popular social networks and share your content there. Be active and in comment’s section and answer all questions.

Learn how to improve your social media marketing

Collect Emails for your Email  list

offer your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Keep in mind if you provide value in your articles then it will make for your huge amount of subscribers just let them know where they need to drop their email address. Send them links to your new articles through email and write a couple of lines how it will solve their problem and why it will be interesting for them. After  some period, you will see a dramatic increase  in your blog traffic.

If you don’t have a budget for advertising then you can read this article about How to get traffic for your website with 0$ marketing budget

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What Is Black Hat SEO

What Is Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a set of practices that help to get higher ranking in search engines.They do that by technics that violate the search engine’s terms. Recently, People associate  black hat  with computer hackers, virus creators, and those who perform unethical actions with computers.
It’s crucial to realize that implementing Black Hat SEO tactics and strategies can get your site penalized from search engines. While you should care about organic search as it’s free traffic that you get from search engines without spending a cent. You should understand Black Hat SEO and its consequences deeper.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is most commonly stands for disapproved practice that nevertheless could increase a page’s ranking in a search engine result page . These practices are against the search engine’s terms of service and can result in the site being penalizied from the search engines and affiliate sites. A black hat SEO technics have been openly denounced on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines.
If your website doesn’t give the user something valuable connected with their search query, but rankings are increasing, then your decisions may  be black hat.

Most popular Black Hat SEO Technics

The following SEO tactics are about black hat and you should not use them at all if you want to stay higher in the major search engines.
• Doorway Pages
• Hidden Text or Links
• Content Automation
• Reporting a Competitor (or Negative SEO)
• Sneaky Redirects
• Keyword Stuffing
• Cloaking
• Guest Posting Networks
• Link Manipulation (including buying links)
• Article Spinning
• Link Schemes
• Rich Snippet Markup Spam
• Automated Queries to Google
• Link Farms, Link Wheels or Link Networks
• Pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing, viruses, trojans, and other malware
• Creating pages, sub-domains, or domains with duplicate content

How To Report Black Hat SEO?

Here is why you should report black hat SEO. If your website has been attacked by a malicious hack, virus or negative SEO campaign of spammy links, or you see spammy web results on a competitive keyword your website is ranking on. For the latter, you may file a web spam report through Google Webmaster Tools. Please use this tool with discretion. SPAM does not stand for search positions above mine!
In the event that your website has been attacked by a malicious hack, virus, or malware, request for a malware review after you’ve removed the malicious code.
In the event that your website is the target of a negative SEO campaign of spammy links, use the Disavow Links Tool in Google Webmaster Tools after you’ve tried to contact webmasters who are pointing these links to your website to have them removed.
Why Should You Avoid Black Hat SEO?
Because of Black Hat SEO tactics, your website can be penalized from Google and other search engines.
During the last years google updates it’s algorithms regularly and now it’s not possible to manipulate with it.
Are Black Hat SEO Techniques For You?
It depends on: onAre you trying to build a real business and get more customers for long terms ?
If your answer is yes, you should avoid Black Hat SEO .You should pay attention on improving your search engine ranking by white hat tactics only.

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8 Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest Page For SEO

8 Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest Page For SEO

Pinterest was launched to let users create a virtual pin board for sharing their favorite images with everyone else. But soon people start to use it to promote their businesses products and services. During the time when entrepreneurs see the real value of Pinterest marketing tips for business then there more and more of them start to use this amazing platform for promoting their business through the target audience. On the Pinterest, you can promote your products and services by providing the visual information about your product that will attract new people to become a customer.
So how do you optimize your Pinterest business page for SEO? Here are the 8 simple tips to promote optimize your business page on Pinterest for SEO.

1. Choose business name and username carefully.

Like on other social networks on Pinterest, you should choose the business name and username. The business name is the name your customers and target audience are familiar with.
Choose a business name that will be easy to remember for your target audience and will be relevant to your industry. (basically your company name) with no frills. You can use maximum 38 characters. The username is your Pinterest URL. Since Pinterest limits the length of this field to 15 characters, this could be a challenge for businesses whose business names have more characters than needed. If you are lucky then you may use your business name as your username. Sometimes it can be impossible because someone else has taken that username and it’s not available for your business to use it.
Otherwise, you can use another username that is relevant to your business and industry and will contain a relevant keyword.
The best solution will be that when you use the same username on all social networks. Why? Because it will help you to cross promote your business by all channels and get much more traffic.

2. Include target keywords in the About section.

About your company you can write only by using 160 characters to describe your business and this space is another chance for you to include target keywords which are relevant to your company profile and target audience.
Don’t try to over optimize your profile by adding too many keywords in your about section. It will seem spammy for search engines and you will lose your ranking.

3. link to your website.

After adding your website’s URL don’t forget to verify it.
Click on the “Verify Website” button and follow the steps to verify your website. This process certifies that you or your business is the owner of your website and lets you access Pinterest Analytics.
Verified websites show up with a checkmark in search results.

4. Use keywords in Board names and Board and Pin descriptions as well.

Pinterest gives you an opportunity to use more keywords for your business through boards and pins as well.
When you create a board you will be asked for a title name and a description. Use all those sections carefully because the can help you to get needed results for SEO. The board name can be 100 characters long but only the first 26 characters show up when users visit your profile.
So the first 26 characters should describe your board and make it clear what is inside.
The board description with a 500 character limit can be used completely with board description that will include a huge number of relevant keywords.  If you don’t know what kind of keywords to use then you can use google keyword planner to detect the best keyword that will suit to your board.
like board descriptions pin descriptions have a 500 character limit too that you can use for describing an image.
You can include step-by-step instructions, backlinks, location and usage information, credits for other vendors and so on and so forth in this space.
The board and pin descriptions are the perfect places to add the long tail keywords.

5. Make sure pinned images have descriptive names and alt tags.

As you know Search engine uses images as well as a ranking factor.
Search engines cannot read the images by themselves, however, they read the file names and alt tags. You might have noticed when you do a Google search and click on “Images” you get a series of aptly named images matching your keywords.
So use a related keyword as an image name.
Additionally, make sure the image alt tag has a needed description as well. Note that Pinterest uses these sizes for images: 236 pixels on the main page and boards and 600 pixels when expanded.

6. Don’t forget to use hashtags.

If you are using Instagram and twitter then you are familiar with hashtags. You know how much value can hashtag give to your posts.
Hashtags like keywords for social networks. They help to categorize content through their networks.
Use hashtags in your board and pins descriptions to make them more searchable on the site.

Learn also how to optimize your twitter business page for SEO.

7. Link back to your website.

If you pin an image from your website make sure you link back to the post where the image has been used.
Although Pinterest has a no follow rule (which means that repins do not count towards your inbound links and does not bump up your SEO) you should always include the full URL in the source and description fields so that pinners can be directed back to the actual post your site.

8. A Rich pin is the great future that you should use.

Pinterest has added unique future that is called the rich pin.
Rich Pins are pins enhanced with metadata allowing businesses to add extra information to the images they pin. As of now, there are six types of Rich Pins – App, Place, Article, Product, Recipe, and Movie. More information on Rich Pins can be found here.
If you add Product Pin then it will enable you to add real-time pricing, inventory availability and a link to the product images.

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8 Simple Tips To Optimize Your Google+  Account For SEO

8 Simple Tips To Optimize Your Google+ Account For SEO

As you know Google+ is the social network owned by Google.
Perhaps you are asking yourself is Google+  Really Worth Your Time?
Google+ was ranked the third most popular social network in 2014. However, a lot of the users aren’t active. It doesn’t mean that you must neglect it. Be sure it has a huge affect on Business.

Remember Having an optimized Google+  account will boost your search engine ranking.

Here are 8 simple tips to optimize your Google+ account for getting a higher ranking.

1. Set up your profile.

Like in every social network here you will start with setting up your account correctly
It’s not enough to just create your personal profile. You’ll also want to create a profile for your business. If you make a lot of content – articles, videos, or other contents – having both a personal and a business profile is an excellent idea. It has 2 different interfaces. You can choose to use a new one or older one.

2. Complete your profile.

Fill out both your personal and your business profile fields. Adjust a profile photo. Write a complete description about you, about your business. Add a link to your website. It will help you to get more traffic as well.

3. Get active.

Start by creating circles. Then, add people that are relevant to each one. You may have a customer circle.

Start by creating circles. Then, add people that are relevant to each one. You may have a customer circle.
Explore communities. There are many active members of Google+ in niche communities. Be active in these groups. It can open new doors for your business.

4. Headlines very important.

The more users notice your Google Plus posts, the more likely they are to engage. The challenge is that: how to stand out in thousands of posts.
Unlike other platforms Google+ posts act more like mini blog posts, and every post needs an attractive headline which will stand out. Google converts your headline into the title tag of the post. It the same title tag that you will see in the search results.

5. Use smarter sharing system.

Most people set their post setting to “public,” and think that this gives them maximum visibility. In fact, there is a much more effective way to reach more people for your content
By adding your circles and select individuals to your share settings you will trigger a notification for those users that you’ve shared a post.
If you use this option smart then you will get real eye-catching results.
Don’t use this option very often, because it will look spammy.

6. Use #hashtags.

Unlike twitter and Instagram Google Plus uses hashtags by the different ways for organizing and recommending content.
Google uses hashtags to form relationships between topics. For example. Sometimes by default, Google adds hashtags automatically to any post. Best practice is to add your own relevant hashtags at the end or within the body of each post.

7. Pay attention to the power of +1 s.

For now, whenever a visitor +1s your content without sharing it to their stream, this results in a followed link as long as the visitor has +1’s set to “public.”

8. Comments are important as well.

Like Facebook’s popular commenting plugin, you can embed Google+ comments on your blog as well. When visitors leave a comment, they share your post to their own Google Plus followers.
This can increase engagement among these users and their followers.


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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s results as “organic” results. If website or web page has high ranking on search engine’s results it means that that website or web page has more chances to receive new visitors, generate leads and convert leads into sales. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, news search , video search, and academic search. As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers what people search for, the actual keywords typed into


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