8 Simple Tips To Optimize Your Google+ Account For SEO

As you know Google+ is the social network owned by Google.
Perhaps you are asking yourself is Google+  Really Worth Your Time?
Google+ was ranked the third most popular social network in 2014. However, a lot of the users aren’t active. It doesn’t mean that you must neglect it. Be sure it has a huge affect on Business.

Remember Having an optimized Google+  account will boost your search engine ranking.

Here are 8 simple tips to optimize your Google+ account for getting a higher ranking.

1. Set up your profile.

Like in every social network here you will start with setting up your account correctly
It’s not enough to just create your personal profile. You’ll also want to create a profile for your business. If you make a lot of content – articles, videos, or other contents – having both a personal and a business profile is an excellent idea. It has 2 different interfaces. You can choose to use a new one or older one.

2. Complete your profile.

Fill out both your personal and your business profile fields. Adjust a profile photo. Write a complete description about you, about your business. Add a link to your website. It will help you to get more traffic as well.

3. Get active.

Start by creating circles. Then, add people that are relevant to each one. You may have a customer circle.

Start by creating circles. Then, add people that are relevant to each one. You may have a customer circle.
Explore communities. There are many active members of Google+ in niche communities. Be active in these groups. It can open new doors for your business.

4. Headlines very important.

The more users notice your Google Plus posts, the more likely they are to engage. The challenge is that: how to stand out in thousands of posts.
Unlike other platforms Google+ posts act more like mini blog posts, and every post needs an attractive headline which will stand out. Google converts your headline into the title tag of the post. It the same title tag that you will see in the search results.

5. Use smarter sharing system.

Most people set their post setting to “public,” and think that this gives them maximum visibility. In fact, there is a much more effective way to reach more people for your content
By adding your circles and select individuals to your share settings you will trigger a notification for those users that you’ve shared a post.
If you use this option smart then you will get real eye-catching results.
Don’t use this option very often, because it will look spammy.

6. Use #hashtags.

Unlike twitter and Instagram Google Plus uses hashtags by the different ways for organizing and recommending content.
Google uses hashtags to form relationships between topics. For example. Sometimes by default, Google adds hashtags automatically to any post. Best practice is to add your own relevant hashtags at the end or within the body of each post.

7. Pay attention to the power of +1 s.

For now, whenever a visitor +1s your content without sharing it to their stream, this results in a followed link as long as the visitor has +1’s set to “public.”

8. Comments are important as well.

Like Facebook’s popular commenting plugin, you can embed Google+ comments on your blog as well. When visitors leave a comment, they share your post to their own Google Plus followers.
This can increase engagement among these users and their followers.


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