SEO trends for 2017

5 SEO Trends For 2017

It feels like only yesterday we were predicting what was awaiting SEO in 2016. Today it’s time to predict what will happen in 2017. It’s time to plan, schedule time, choose the best strategy that fit’s to your business goals, and predict what kind of changes will be this year in the SEO industry. What kind of changes is google going to do in this year?

So what we can expect in 2017? What kind of changes may happen? What are the trends in the SEO industry for 2017? Well. Here are the top trends that will dominate.



1. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs).

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are an open-source protocol that allows webmasters to create pages capable of loading almost instantly on mobile devices. Structural changes can make your site load up to 4 times faster and use eight times fewer data. Google gives more visibility to this website that has switched to AMPs. It will have a positive effect for getting higher ranking on the search engines as well as will improve your page’s CTR. If your website was built with WordPress, then here you can download AMPs plugin.

2. 301 redirects will not affect on ranking.

If you have a fundamental knowledge of SEO, then you should know that overdoing 301 redirects will harm to your site. It means you will lose your ranking because of that.

However a couple of months ago Google announced that 301 redirects will not affect on page rank anymore. So it means you can use 301 redirects freely without thinking about a loss of ranking.

3. Use more rich answers and snippets.

As you know people use google to find answers to their questions.. In response to our queries, Google will often display the required information directly in search results,

Structured data markup (well known as “schema markup”) can help website owners achieve enhanced listings on search engine results pages. This markup helps search engines to understand website content and let them display that information in a way that is helpful for users.

4. Machine learning will change the rules of the game.

Google RankBrain was released late last year and opened the door to the possibility of algorithmic machine learning. The extension of Google Hummingbird functions as a way to gradually learn more about how users phrase conversational queries—and update its algorithm automatically accordingly. In 2017 there may be other new extensions like this.

5. Optimizing for voice search will be important too.

A featured snippet — also known as a “rich answer” or “direct answer” — is a summary answer to a searcher’s question that Google shows in a special block at the top of its SERP. A featured snippet usually includes a link to the page from where the data was taken. More than that it has a great potential to reach more traffic. It attracts users to click on it.

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