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3 Factors to Pay Attention Before Buying Likes and Followers

One of the most popular questions is: Should I buy facebook likes or twitter followers? It depends on what you really want and what your business needs.  On the one hand having a huge number of likes and followers has a huge effect on your audience. Why?  If you try to find any product that you need to buy and visit a couple of pages of different companies that have needed product. Most of them have only 190, 75, 320, 90 and only one of them has 1000+ likes. Which company will trigger mostly to by needed product?  Sure it will be the last one.  On the other hand, there is too low chance that from those purchased likes someone will become a customer because those lies aren’t from your target audience.



Every business needs to attract people with its profiles. The number of likes and followers still play a great role. But you also need to advertise to your target audience.

So if you are a business owner and need to get a huge number of likes or followers during the short period and with a low budget then here are several things that you should pay attention before purchasing that type of services.  One of the most popular site’s that provides those type of services is Boostlikes.  It is trusted by many popular companies. You can see logos of the top brands and blogs which are involved in SEO industry while using it’s services.

1. Security is very important.

Most Boostlike’s competitors aren’t secure platforms. When you visit this site you will see that this site is secured with https protocol. It means all orders and actions on this site will be safe.

2. Be patient.

Unlike all other providers, this platform doesn’t provide those 1000+ likes or followers overnight. Don’t  trust companies that promise you to provide the service during the 1 day. Why ? It is easy to notice that those likes will be provided by bots. Most of them will be dropped during the time. Also, it will harm to your SEO.  Boostlike will provide needed service during the 4-7 days.

3. pay attention to the price.

most sites offer 1000 facebook likes for 5$. Those providers are so funny and most interesting facts is that many people still believe in those sources. If you compare the prices then you will see that Boostlike offers those likes a bit expensive. 1000 facebook likes will cost you around 76$ which is close to facebook ads pricing.


If you need to show your customers huge numbers but without losing search traffic and without damaging SEO Guidelines then you should choose your service provider carefully.  By the way, Boostlike also provides a great tool- Idea generator for facebook and twitter posts.

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