Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum term contract?

No. There is not a minimum term contract. Most packages are for 1 month . You will choose how many months to work with us.

How many links can I expect?

We don’t sell  1000 of links, because  for getting higher ranking in search engines  your website should have links with higher quality not just 1000 of links, that doesn’t have quality. Our link building  strategy includes only high-quality link building tactic .

Can you provide me a link to where I can see the links you have built to my website?

To check on the links we’ve built to your website, sign in at Google Search Console,  click on “Traffic” in the sidebar, and select “Links to your site”. From there you can download a list of recent links.

Can we choose other social networks which are not written on social media marketing packages in our customized package?

Yes. There are a variety of social networks, so we can’t write all ones on packages, but you can add any social network, that you want even if you don’t see it on any package.

Why don't you have packages for website development ?

Consumers want different types of websites so there isn’t any way to make packages for a specific type of website. The  customer should describe what kind of website he/she needs ? What kind of futures he/she needs ?  We will make an offer for him/her, which fit’s for their need and then will have a discussion about price.

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